Surrey - Trauma Tech (formerly Select First Aid Ltd)

Trauma Tech (formerly Select First Aid Ltd) is an occupational safety and first aid training agency located in the heart of Surrey.
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Suite 102 - 12877 76th Avenue
Surrey, BC
V3W 1E6

Burnaby - Trauma Tech

Our state-of-the-art, 5000sqft facility offers 4 huge classrooms, a fully equipped lunch room, free wi-fi, and many more conveniences.
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Suite 110 - 2250 Boundary Road
Burnaby, BC
V5M 3Z3

Langley - Trauma Tech

Our new Langley classroom is over 900sqft and is equipped with all of the comforts of our Burnaby headquarters.
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Suite 201 - 19950 88th Avenue East
Langley, BC
V1M 0A5

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