Occupational First Aid Level 3 (Pro Renewal)

The Occupational First Aid Level Three Renewal course is a 36 hour program designed for current Level 3 certificate holders. Upon successful completion of both the written and practical exam the student will receive certification that is valid for three years.

Trauma Tech strongly recommends that participants register for this course ONLY if they have taken the full two week Level 3 course multiple times in the past. There is limited instruction in this course, it is basically a supervised review course where participants go through scenarios and review and practice their skills.  

The course curriculum includes: 

  • Basic Life Support & CPR (CPR A)
  • Patient assessment
  • Critical airway & respiratory, interventions with C-Spine management, including insertion of oral airways, use of oxygen therapy equipment and bag valve mask
  • Circulatory interventions and management
  • Small wound, soft tissue, and fracture management
  • Rapid transport criteria
  • Suction
Prerequisite: Students must show proof that they have a CURRENT OFA Level 3 certificate. This means that your current OFA Level 3 certificate must not expire before the final day of your PRO course.
THIS COURSE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Unlike the full two-week Level 3, if you are unsuccessful in this course you will be required to pay the full registration fee to re-register.

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